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Welcome to NNLL's website!

Welcome to North Naples Little League!

North Naples Little League (NNLL) is dedicated to creating an environment that places equal emphasis on learning positive skills such as sportsmanship, competition, and team effort,  while learning the game of baseball and having FUN.  We take great pride in all of our volunteers that dedicate their time to the league every season.  NNLL applauds the Board of Directors, League Volunteers, Team Managers, Assistant Coaches, Sponsors and Team Parents that make this program possible.

North Naples Little League is a chartered affiliate of Little League Baseball, Inc. and participates within the newly designated District 27 of the Little League Southern Region. NNLL operates under the guidelines of the NNLL Board of Director's Constitution and By-laws and the Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball Incorporated of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.


We service the northern portion of Naples, FL.  This includes areas like the Quarry and west, Bonita Shores and south, Orange Blossom road and north, and Naples Park.  You can always check your league by visiting www.findmyleague.com.

Please visit the many areas on our site to get up to date information.  Important notes can be found under Registration, Donations, and Team Pages.

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All-Stars Information
All-Stars Information All, the district tournament...
Boundary Map
Little League Pledge
All-Stars Information

All-Stars Information

All, the district tournament is just around the corner which means we must get an All-Star team assembled to enter.  All-Stars can be a complicated process and confusing.  I'll do my best to explain what I can here.  Please read all the way through as all of this information is very important.


What are the Divisions?

All-Stars has many divisions that kids can participate in.  However, for our league, we only have three divisions:  9-10, 10-11, and 11-12 (the kids on TV in Williamsport, PA).  Players must have played in 60% of the games this year in that division to be eligible.

Who is Eligible?

This is always the sticky part.  Kids must meat Age and Residency eligibility to play.  League Ages are determined by the Little League Age Chart.  Residency is determined by our boundaries on file with Little League.

Eligibility Proof

Everyone will have to prove age and residency by supplying documenation (i.e. birth certificates, school notes (must do before school is out), and home bills).  The approved documentation can be found at www.littleleague.org/AgeResidencyRequirements

What Does My Child Have To Do?

First, try-out.  All-Stars are the best of each league so we must evaluate and pick kids to make the team.  Tryouts are June 1, June 2, and June 3 at 6 PM at Starcher-Pettay field.  If you cannot make it for any reason, please notify me so we can excuse you.  Missing try-outs does factor into the selection of the team.  Everyone in the age range is encouraged to try out to get a feel for the process and keep progressing.

Secondly, your family must be committed.  Practices and games take place during summer break which means there are many that travel.  You must be available to practice and play.  As a general rule of thumb, June is dedicated to District tournament preparation. 

Third, there is a financial commitment.  We are attempting to secure sponsors to cover costs, but families may have to pay a fee to play.  In addition, each kid gets a new uniform, and special gifts for making the team.

We should have the team finalized on June 3rd.

What Do We Do Now?

We will be having a small practice for anyone interested on Thursday May 26th 6 PM at Starcher-Pettay field.  This is not mandatory, it is only a practice to keep active and fresh. 

We will be sending more notes and instructions on what to do next once we determine how many kids and teams we have.  Please pay close attention to all these details as they are sent out.



  • Refresher practice Thursday, May 26th 6 PM Starcher-Pettay Field
  • Tryouts June 1,2,3 at 6PM Starcher-Pettay Field
  • Get Residency and Age documentation ready now


Thank you,

North Naples Little League Board

by posted 05/25/2016
Boundary Map

by posted 07/15/2014
Little League Pledge


  • I will teach all children to play fair and do their best
  • I will positively support all managers, coaches an players
  • I will respect the decision of the umpires
  • I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game

by Little League Pledge posted 12/10/2013
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